Celebrating 25 Years of Impact

Joel Spicer, President and CEO

Nutrition holds the key to unlocking the human potential of millions of people, especially women, adolescent girls and children. It is the difference between attending school and learning there, between giving birth to a child and giving her life, and between fighting a disease and surviving it.

MI was created as an act of solidarity with malnourished people and has grown from a small Canadian start-up, into a global nutrition organization reaching 500 million vulnerable people every year. Many of MI’s accomplishments over the years have had a major impact on improving nutrition around the world. You can discover some of those accomplishments through the interactive timeline below.

As we reach our 25th anniversary and reflect on the lives we have changed, we are proud of Canada’s longstanding leadership and commitment to nutrition globally.

Thank you!

We are grateful for Canada’s longstanding commitment to our efforts over the past 25 years to improve the health and nutrition of the world’s most vulnerable people. Through this support — and the support of our other generous donors — we are helping to transform lives with better nutrition.

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