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For more than 20 years, the Micronutrient Initiative has been at the forefront of providing the world´s most vulnerable with the vitamins and minerals to help them survive and live healthy and productive lives.

Although they are needed in only minute quantities, the importance of micronutrients cannot be underestimated. They orchestrate a whole range of physiological functions. And when children, even those who are malnourished, have adequate sources of micronutrients, they are better able to survive infection and develop to their fullest potential than those children who are lacking in micronutrients.

Our programs focus on delivering vitamin A and zinc to increase child survival; iodine and iron to help with a child´s mental development, improve women´s health and contribute to the general health of a population; and folic acid to prevent birth defects. MI has developed a number of innovative and easy-to-use multiple micronutrient products to provide a full range of vitamins and minerals to those most at risk.