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Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Reports

Investing in the Future: A United Call to Action on Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies (2009)

United Call to Action Report CoverThis report details the scope of under-nutrition in the developing world due to a lack of vitamins and minerals and provides tangible recommendations to improve the delivery of supplements and fortified food and improve the health of women and children around the world. The report was released at the 2009 Micronutrient Forum in Beijing and was developed in partnership with the Flour Fortification Initiative, USAID, GAIN, WHO, The World Bank, and UNICEF.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency: A Global Damage Assessment Report (2004)

The following links contain reports, briefs, and an interactive map providing information about the prevalence and impact of vitamin and mineral deficiencies around the world. The Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Report (VMD Report) and associated briefs and tools were co-published by the Micronutrient Initiative and UNICEF in 2004.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency - A Global Damage Assessment Report

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency - A Global Progress Report - EnglishFrenchSpanish

Vitamin and Mineral DeficiencyA Partnership Drive to End Hidden Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa

Vitamin and Mineral DeficiencyA Challenge to the World's Food Companies

Investigating VM DeficiencyA Challenge to Media Professionals

VM Deficiency Reports: Country Damage Assessments, Launches, Progress, Activities, Lessons Learned