Large, Sustainable Impact at Small Cost: This is the Work that MI Does Best

The fight against poverty cannot be won while entire generations are being born stunted and malnourished, facing chronic health issues and have their development potential impaired. International experts agree that micronutrients are critical for human development.

MI takes on the challenges of global malnutrition in a number of ways.

We build capacity to deliver essential nutrition programs to those who need them. We work collaboratively to bring together different perspectives to solve the health challenges of malnutrition, which crosses all sectors and creates inequality.

We reach a vast number of people with essential vitamins and minerals, including via food fortification, which is one of the reasons why we support industry to improve their business models with the goal of building stronger communities. MI has developed strong principles with respect to working with the private sector and we have modeled our relationships based upon a long history of working with the private sector in our countries of focus and in Canada.

The odds are stacked against too many of the world’s poorest women and children. MI is working to improve these odds.

Learn more about the issues we are tackling, the programs we have developed and the micronutrients that are critical to human development and health:

MI’s Global Reach

  • MI provides more than 75% of the vitamin A required in developing countries.
  • Since 1997, MI has provided more than 8 billion doses of vitamin A to the world’s most vulnerable.
  • MI is working with governments to tackle diarrhoea and has developed local programs that get zinc treatment to children most in need.
  • MI is working with small, local salt processors by providing simple and easy iodization techniques aimed to reach the last 30% of households still not using iodized salt.
  • MI is working with the food industry to add nutrients, such as iron and folic acid, to food in a way that’s inexpensive and doesn’t affect quality or taste.

Key Initiatives Include: